Owners Log: Frame 6259


We're going to try something new with the blog. We get emails every week with fantastic pictures of frames, restoration projects, race day pictures from 40 years ago etc. It's all brilliant and we're often stumped as to how best share this on the site. 

We're going to be adding full bike / original / restored frames to the gallery, but wanted to share the stories behind these pictures with you on the blog. Feel free to comment at the bottom and send in your own stories so that we can share them!

Please note, apart from the odd punctuation fix, the notes below will be from the frame owner (based on the email they have sent through). 

First in the series comes from the owner of frame #6259...


Owners Log - Frame #6259

"I bought the bike on the island in Benllech, the previous owner had raced lots of TT on it he had it built for him. It was originally a red colour... all the camp I gear is original and I ride it on its original 56 ring on some routes - but its on a 52 for now. Brake pads have been changed for modern ones but I do have the original in the box. Harry hall wheels are going back on soon when tubs are fitted!

6259 - Image 3


The previous owner showed me some trophies he had won on it - he raced all over and moved here to retire. He sent it back to be repainted back to bare steel they didn't have any more original Reynolds stickers, so he put the renovated 531 on he says its actually 531xlight racing tubing.

6259 - Image 2

He also told me it was very expensive new and that he had to re-paint it. The bike was in his attic under a blanket for 12 years until I met him at the local car boot...

6259 - Image 1