Owners Log: Frame 6259

Another beautiful MKM from the inbox that we'd like to share, frame no. 6259. Originally owned by a TT race participant - this bike has seen it's fair share of races! Now retired to a much gentler pace - check out it's story below:

"I bought the bike on the island in Benllech, the previous owner had raced lots of TT on it, he actually had it built for him - it was originally in red but all the Campagnolo components are original.

I now ride it on its original 56-ring on some routes, but its currently fitted with a 52 for now. The brake pads have been updated for modern ones but I do still have the originals in box somewhere!

I also have some original Harry Hall wheels which will be going back on when tubs are fitted. The previous owner showed me some of the trophies he had won on it...he raced all over, moving here to retire."