Welcome to the new MKM Cycles site!

Hello there!

MKM Frame 931 Close Up

The site has been rather neglected of late as we worked to build a new site on a more modern platform.

We found that updating simple things like adding a new frame to the gallery or changing the homepage was incredibly difficult and took far too long which put me off actually updating the site weekly. 

We still get regular mail and have a vast amount of imagery, catalogues and stories to upload and share with you all. 

We'll be transferring the gallery images over the weekend and in theory, be blogging relitively reguarly. 

Whilst I'm here - here's a quick look at a new frame I just picked up. Lovely race frame number '193' - refinished and hardly ridden. Going to build this one up before summer so will keep posting as I go. 


Happy riding!

MKM Frame 931
Andrew Thomas